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Sporting events, movies, festivals, concerts and fairs are family events where a wholesome atmosphere is critical to their success.....

Intoxicated people can disrupt that atmosphere and cause damage or injury to other patrons. Avoiding alcohol-related problems can be especially challenging within large venues, with the high volume of guests and the limited time of interaction. Movie theaters are also serving beer & wine these days.
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TIPS for the Concessions
The Solution: 
TIPS for Concessions empowers vendors to "make the right call," reducing the risk of alcohol-related incidents and ensuring fun and safety for all patrons. The program focuses on the alcohol-related challenges associated with large venues and takes into account the high volume of patrons and the limited time concession staff & sellers have in which to interact with them. Participants learn techniques to assess patrons in a short period of time and prevent alcohol sales to underage or intoxicated individuals. 
Additional Benefits: 
TIPS for Concessions is especially important for events that are geared toward young people. Knowing that the staff is trained to prevent underage sales and intoxication reassures parents that their children will be safe at these events.
TIPS for Concessions can also help vendors protect themselves from possible litigation should an incident occur.
Target Audiences: 
  •  Stadiums
  •  Arenas
  •  Theaters
  •  Fairs
  •  Wine Festivals
  •  Beer Gardens
  •  Charity Fundraisers
  •  Theme Parks and Attractions 
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