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With the widespread growth of food trucks and food carts in the United States, aspiring food vendors often have starry visions of the mobile food industry. Running a rolling bistro seems like an exciting way to create a career for yourself. After all, you love to cook, you have killer recipes, and you enjoy the thought of being your own boss! Don't we all!?

While it is true that many mobile food concepts are well-planned and lucrative, the prevailing reality of a gourmet food truck business is that it is very hard work. But..... If you go into this business without professional guidence there is a greater chance of failure!
AHS can take your food business on the road.....
The mobile food industry has seen a massive resurgence, especially at restaurant shows, big urban areas such as Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Central Florida and San Francisco. From their kitchens-on-wheels, they’re serving everything from crème brulee to escargots to gourmet cupcakes to cuisines from all over the world. And their customers are eating it up!
There is a new movement for cuisine on wheels, but it's not your Dad's hot dog stand..... IT'S FOOD TRUCKS! 
  • Sourcing your truck & equipment instaliation
  • Theme / branding development
  • Fast & profitable menu design & development
  • Efficient Food production layouts  
  • Implement USDA policies  & procedures

The new breed of mobile trucks sport vibrant colors and branding imagery. They are also tech and social media savvy, often using Twitter and Facebook to announce their locations. Many are owned and run by highly trained chefs and well-known restaurateurs. 

Restaurant owners looking for additional sales see the mobile food truck as an opportunity to sell food without paying rent. Others see it as their way to enter the food business, hoping eventually to open their own restaurant.
Food trucks have gained both recognition and popularity recently, and the trend is not showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, it was ranked as a top trend in the National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot in 2011 survey.

More than 1,500 professional chefs (American Culinary Federation members) participated in the survey, and about one-third named food trucks and pop up restaurants as the hottest operational trend for restaurants next year.
Both newcomers and well-established restaurateurs are getting in the mobile foodservice and temporary restaurant game. The start-up costs of these types of ventures are typically lower  than traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants and can allow for more experimentation on menus and marketing strategies.
Consider Catering and special events. To increase revenues of your mobile food truck business, AHS will help you to get booked for private & special events. You can have your food truck roam the city during the day to sell to the workday crowd, but use the truck for special events at night such as corporate store openings, sporting events, carnivals, parties, festivals among others.
Gone are the old, plain white mobile food trucks of yesterday. Today, the mobile food trucks strive to give their customers a wonderful eating experience from the overall look of their trucks, uniforms, product presentation, menus and even the website. Branding is heavily used by the new crop of mobile food trucks.
 Social media has allowed food trucks to interact with their customers, seek immediate feedback & keep them updated about the business. Many food trucks use social media to broadcast their daily specials and locations making it easy to find their trucks 
AHS will provide: 
  • US & State regulations
  • Commissary & kitchen set up
  • Location stratagies
  • Getting permit and licenses
  • Input on start up capital needs
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  Food trucks, however, are far from traditional. 
Traditional restaurants prepare & cook  with kitchens that boasts space for people, ingredients and equipment. 
Statistics show that more than one quarter of all startup 
food trucks will fail in the first two years of business.
Let Accurate Hospitality Services help you from 
becoming this statistic! 
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