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 Our company can help new start-up owners as well as transforming a struggling or financially distressed owner. Clients look to us for our depth of knowledge and receive the results they are looking for.
Accurate Hospitality Services, LLC mission is to provide the hospitality industry a one stop shop for all certified training needs, advisement on services, daily operational systems and quality assurance of employees. We take great pride in our commitment to client customer service and the results we can achieve for you.
 Accurate Hospitality Services, LLC is known for providing on target development of food, beverage, retail strategies, menu creation, marketing, training and other financial programs to maximize ROI. We help companies lock into their true potential. Our efficiency experts will develop strategies to improve our clients' financial performance. AHS will implement proven solutions that will reduce food, beverage, retail and operating costs while maximizing productivity. You will see immediate and measurable financial results.
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Accurate Hospitality Services, LLC is a team of highly experienced, ethical and knowledgeable hospitality professionals. Our team members and advisors are former General Managers, Director's, Operational Managers and Owner Operators of some of the largest hospitality and retail companies in the world. We have over 100 years experience. Our team has achieved proven success in the restaurant, retail, hospitality and hotel/resort/casino industries. The core value of our company has always been to deliver exceeded results to our clients.