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AHS will assess your establishment's operations, labor training and compare you to your competition segment. We will identify your needs and provide a step-by-step solution to improve your profitability. Some of the following items are a part of but not limited to our initial assessment or what we can do for your establishment:

  • Operational Flow
  •  Menu Engineering
  •  Recipe Costing
  •  Labor Productivity
  •  Management Accountability
  •  Owners / Franchise Compliance
  •  Expenses
  •  Marketing
  •  Occupancy Levels
  •  Health Department Compliance
  •  Inventories
  •  Accounting Practices, P&L
  •  Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  •  Cost Controls
  •  Food & Liquor Quality
  •  Industry "Best Practice" Operating Systems and Applications
  • Vendor Selection and Pricing
  •  Human Resources Management
  •  Payroll Management
  •  Marketing Plan Review
  •  HVAC Energy Cost Saving Systems

Basic stratagies that the most successful Restaurant / Bar & Hotel companies have always followed:

  • They recognize their guests and employees are their biggest assets.
  • They believe in continuing industry education for both ownership and their employees is their never-ending responsibility.
  • They consistently serve great tasting food that appeals to the masses rather than the few. 
  • They price and portion their food so their guests feel it is a good value.
  • They anticipate their guest's needs and provide the best possible service.
  • They implement & utilize daily, weekly, monthly system controls and do not waiver from them with out a team decision. 

And most importantly, they have a firm belief that:

  • The only competition you have is yourself!
  • The customers who enjoy your establishment, when they leave, they will be back
While your operation is running, Accurate Hospitality Services team will work front and back of the house to train, develop plans and actions to increase your gross revenues, profitability and customer loyalty.
We've been fortunate enough to work with some of the top food and beverage hospitality leaders in the industry across diverse international & domestic markets. AHS is set apart by the clientele that choose to work with us. 

Our large network of staff & advisors who are experts in many aspects of the food and beverage industry, make
Accurate Hospitality Services, LLC the top choice for clients needing hospitality advisement.

Please contact AHS so we can help you improve your investment
A restaurant, hotel or bar that runs well, still needs help in specific areas of it's operations: Training programs, daily operations, front & back house staff, food, liquor and labor costs. AHS offers the experience and staff to keep your business 
running with out taking your time away from other areas.
Are you leaving money on the table 
in your restaurant, bar or hotel? 
Let AHS help you get it back....
All restaurant & bar concepts should provide owners outstanding profits and an attractive return on their investment. 

Stabilizing a single unit operation or turning around a drifting chain requires a combination of restaurant management experience, operations expertise, financial expertise, marketing services and focused restaurant management leadership.

Our approach creates a unified call to action among team members to execute sound strategies and provides implementation so that your turnaround goals are achieved.

If you are struggling to achieve this, let AHS conduct a review of your establishment at no charge to you.
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