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Michelle Hinds
Director of Business Development
Washington D.C.
Ms. Hinds is a major part of our future success. She brings to AHS 25 years experience working the Washington DC region. After receiving her degree from Montgomery College, Michelle has held leadership roles in the hospitality, healthcare and sales industry. The majority of Michelle's career was focusing her talent and expertise to the Healthcare industry using her experience and knowledge to increase client revenue & customer growth.

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Golf & Country Club 
QA Evaluations
If you don't take care of your members & guests....
Your Competitiion will!
See why Clubs nationwide use our Secret Shoppers to improve their member & guest's experience

To provide club owners, operators and managers quality assurance observations to target and improve:

  • Membership Retention
  • Member Satisfaction & Guest Experience 
  • Course Maintenance and Appearance
  • Club Facility Maintenance
  • Evaluate Employee Training Needs
  • Advisement on Services
  • Retail Selling Strategies
  • Energy and Risk Management Liabilities
  • Daily Operational Systems
  • State Sanitation & Alcohol Compliance 
  • Food & Beverage Quality
  • Pro Shop Operations
  • Cash Handling Procedures
  • Plus Much More!

These evaluations are done anonymously, with our experts blending in as a members, guests & customers
 A detailed timeline report including photographs and a point percentage scoring method 
will be provided
 AHS keeps you ahead of the growing competition and changing trends.
“Accurate Hospitality Services’ information was very         detailed. Our report             highlighted need areas we were unaware of. AHS will be an extra set of eyes for us.
Ron Eisner
Club Manager, 
Renditions Golf Club Annapolis, Maryland

A sampling of clubs who utilize AHS 
to stay ahead of the curve!
Practice Facility:  
  • Driving range in good order
  • Range tee box is rotated
  • Green has ample practice holes
  • Flags & sticks were a resort quality
  • Turf was in good condition
  • Was seating available
  • Were there club & bag rests
  • Ball washers available
  • Pathways clear
  • Empty ball buckets collected
  • Condition of equipment in the area 
Clubhouse entrance & grounds: 
  • Walkways, doors & walls
  • Vegetation, plants & pots
  • Trip hazards to members & employees
  • Landscaping
  • Sanitation
  • Signage
  • Same observations for interior of club
Cart Staging:
  • Staff welcoming upon arrival
  • Did they assist you with your bag
  • Were the carts organize
  • Was the cart clean
  • Was the cooler clean
  • Staff recommended restaurant
  • Used Mr, Ms or Mrs
  • Wipe down your clubs
  • Was the staff pleasant
  • Did they review the cart operation
  • Cart area clean & free of debris
  • Staff asked about your experience
Pro Shop:
  • Inviting atmosphere
  • Retail items professionally displayed
  • Shop inventory is fully stocked
  • Items priced accordingly
  • Lighting quality
  • Staff is pleasant & knowledgeable
  • Staff is upselling
  • Correct room temperature
  • Displays are free of dust & clutter
  • Sale items are displayed clearly
Food & Beverage Outlets:
  • Food & beverage quality
  • Sanitation
  • Server knowledge & upselling skills
  • Cash handling procedures
  • Consistent uniforms
  • Organized service
  • Proper liquor policies in place
Golf Course: 
All 18 holes will be inspected. 
We will report on: 
Quality, Appearance, Safety Issues, Grounds Maintenance, Vegetation and Damage for: 
  • Cart paths & bridges
  • Tee box
  • Fairways
  • Bunkers
  • Water Features
  • Greens
  • Irrigation / Drainage
  • On Course Rest Rooms
  • Ball Washers 
  • Tee Water Coolers
  • Storage Buildings

From "Tee To Green and Everything In Between" we will inspect it.
Sample categories & line items from our reports:
AHS will identify and formulate recommendations by which management and associates should be following. We advise what is really going on with your facility & staff!
Our experts will evaluate and advise on your food, beverage and service. They will inspect your facility,   
course maintenance, staff professionalism and much more. 
Our information will help measure your member’s experience, satisfaction and increase your membership retention.
If you are a club owner.... the management team on location should 
keep you truthfully informed on your investment. This includes facilities, 
members, food, beverage, staff as well as your grounds and golf course.

Here are some samples of what owners have been told vs. what was really the case. 
Described as this
Was actually this

“Accurate Hospitality Services 
is experienced in Food & 
Beverage. When visiting 
our club, the staff learns a 
tremendous amount from 
their team”
From entrance to exit, inside and out, AHS will monitor service delivered throughout your establishment.  
​No method can replace effective feedback from an unbiased third party expert!  
 Contact AHS and put us to work for you!
Accurate Hospitality Services, LLC ®                      Offices : Central / South Florida, Denver, Richmond, Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas & Washington D.C.                                                                                 
Johann Salvaggio 
Executive Chef, 
Floridian Golf & Yacht Club 
Palm City, Florida