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Bar spotting / bar spotters is a direct and reliable method of assessing, customer experience and satisfaction. No other method can replace simple, effective feedback from anonymous bar spotting,  AHS will visit your business anonymously posing as a paying customer. ​Young, middle age and seniors are all a part of our spotting team and are experienced in blending into a room in such a way that suspicions are not aroused. They will spend several hours in your establishment observing your staff 
and then they will complete a detailed critique of their visit. 

You will receive a complete evaluation from their entrance to their exit. Our bar spotters will make several visits over a period of weeks or months depending upon what type of service you are evaluating. This information may not always find a negative for you. You may find a training need for a struggling employee that you can constructively work with to make them better.

We tailor the spotting assignments to your needs. Most results will be delivered to you within 24-48 hours.  
We offer low rates 
compared to the competition 
We have budget-friendly solutions for not only independent operators but also major national chains.
 Their bartender/cocktail server actions may include over pouring, forgetting to ring in the drinks, giving drinks away, theft, poor customer service, and serving minors. Without Accurate Hospitality Services' professional bar spotting team, the odds of catching them is remote and may result in significant loss in your establishment's profit and or liquor license.

If you are not a large franchised bar/restaurant chain, you can't benefit from volume liquor price discounts. So every shift scheduled counts towards your profit success!
Using our professional bar spotting team can help you with: 
  •   Controlling Inventory
  •   Higher Profits
  •   Cash Handling Procedures 
  •   Bartender Theft 
  •   Over Pouring 
  •   Operational Quality Assurance
  •   Retaining Clients
  •   Customer Service Issues
  •   Profitable Pricing vs. Costs
  •   Up selling & Marketing Techniques.
  •   State & County Alcohol Compliance
  •   Staff Professionalism
  •   Expanding your customer base                  
  •   Train struggling staff members
Bar spotting gives you an opportunity to correct mistakes before word of mouth, profit loss or guest injury negatively impacts your bar business
You may be concerned about specific employees & guest injury....
AHS can be scheduled for 
specific dates, times as directed by each client. 
Contact AHS today and learn how you can protect your investment 
Don't let your bar business go up in flames!
Accurate Hospitality Services, LLC offers fast turn around from scheduling a spotter to completing a spot. Many times we can offer you same day service!
 Contact AHS and put us to work for you!
When owners and managers don't seriously monitor bar activities..... 
You can't be everywhere all the time!
Statistics show that service, product quality, integrity, repeat customers, controls, pouring, ringing drinks and loss prevention are key 
factors in a bar's success.
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