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"The Profitable Choice For Your Business"

With these changing times your business can't afford to bring on more staff for quality control. You need an experienced third party that specializes in restaurant,  bar, hotel and retail consulting that can evaluate your operation in both front & back of the house. 

Are you getting 100% satisfaction from your staff?

Ask yourself, are my managers & hourly employees....
  • Up-selling for you?
  • Aware of liquor liabilities to protect you? 
  • Purchasing to make a profit?
  • Allowing bartenders to give it or take it  away?
  • Are my Managers on the floor servicing or in the their office  ignoring service?
  • Following Health Department standards?
  • Designing menus properly?
  • Treating the guests from entrance to exit as your SOP mandates? 

Those are just a few of the daily questions 
owners and operators should be asking! 

While your operation is running, Accurate Hospitality Services experienced employees will  work front and back of the house to train and develop plans and actions to increase your gross revenues, profitability and customer loyalty.
If you’re looking for an "All in one" high quality training and advisement group,  Accurate Hospitality Services, LLC is the right choice and "The Profitable Choice" for your business. AHS will give you the attention and priority service you come to expect from your own staff. 

Our staff and advisors offer you over 100 years experience in the hospitality and retail business. 

Whether you are in a retail or hospitality business we are here for you. No owner, manager or supervisor can be everywhere all the time. Countless times your staff  is left alone on the floor to represent you and the service standards you come to expect. But as we all know, that does not happen all the time. So the result is.... Your customer suffers and chooses not to come back.  
There is only one boss......THE CUSTOMER! And he/she can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by....... spending their money somewhere else. 
– Sam Walton founder of Wal-Mart 
 Contact AHS and put us to work for you!
The profitable choice for your business.....
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